Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Ceremony Musicians

FB_IMG_1443691181801If string quartet or harpist immediately springs to mind when you consider your ceremony music, you have to read this…

You have your heart set on walking down the aisle to live music, so the obvious choice is string quartet or harpist. But apart from being a bit last century could you also be missing out on other opportunities? 

These are the 10 Questions you should be asking when looking for a Wedding Ceremony Musician…

1 Can I Afford the Live Music I Want?

Let’s cut to the bottom line: Everyone is on a budget, and you need to know how much this is going to cost, but be very careful when comparing prices as there can often be hidden extras involved… Continue reading


Winter Wedding Wonderland – Your Guide to the Perfect Seasonal Music

Possibly one of the nicest things about a traditional winter wedding is that everyone (bah-ring the Humbugs of course) is already in some form of Festive Spirit. But given that Christmas seems to begin in October these days, just how do you create a suitably jolly mood without resorting to the over-exposed-cheese-fest that certain Christmas favourites have become? Whether you are going all-out with a winter-themed wedding, or just want a subtle nod to the time of year, here are six alternative ways to spice up your Day with some seasonal cheer… Continue reading

And The Winner Is…

So what was popular in wedding ceremony music this year? Find out in my ‘Top Ten Wedding Songs of 2015’

With the 2015 Destination Wedding Season drawing to a close, it is time to reflect upon the trends of this year, and ponder on the year to come. Mint & white has been a popular colour scheme, and coloured suits for the grooms have made a welcome appearance, with electric blue being a particular favourite of mine – after all, why should girls have all the dressing–up fun?

“But what are the latest trends in music?”  I hear you cry! Continue reading

‘The Home of Kings’

Ever since I discovered Chez Les Rois at frenchweddingvenue.com  I have been looking forward to playing there. On Sunday my wish finally came true. And it surpassed all expectation… Continue reading

“You don’t expect that from a classical musician…”

When it comes to music for their ceremony or cocktail hour, some brides know exactly what they want, and some know exactly what they don’t want. But what happens if she has no idea at all?! Continue reading

Choosing Your Processional Music

#ISaidYes? Congratulations! Then you need to read my tips on how to choose your perfect processional music…

Create the right atmosphere: Whether you want sophisticated, romantic, vintage, traditional or quirky, the music to which you choose to walk down the aisle sets the whole tone (pun intended) not only for your ceremony, but for your whole day. Think about your theme and choose something that fits perfectly with your vision.

Match the music to the musicians: If you are having live music – and if not why not? Continue reading

So you want a friend to perform at your wedding ceremony..?

Thinking of asking one of your mates or relatives to sing or play for you as part of your ceremony? It’s a lovely idea, just make sure you consider the potential pitfalls before the big ask…

For starters, despite what they actually say when you broach the subject, they may not really be comfortable with doing it, and if you have put them on the spot they might find it very difficult to say no. Especially if they are close friends or family – and even if you give them a ‘get out’ at the start – once you’ve mentioned the idea they may feel under pressure to go along with it, or worse, feel really awkward about turning you down. Continue reading

The ‘Mixed Tape’ Philosophy

The ‘Mixed Tape’ Philosophy of weddingmusicfrance.com

Those of you old enough to remember the 80’s like it was yesterday will be all too familiar with the concept of the ‘mixed tape.’ For those not in the know, it was a compilation you painstakingly put together on cassette tape for a loved one – most often a boy/girl you were trying to impress. Mixed tapes took time, thought, effort and energy – no dragging and dropping mp3 files onto a virtual playlist – a mixed tape was a real, physical thing you gave to someone as a token of your affection, to show that they were worth all the trouble, to show you cared. You hand wrote the sleeve in your best writing; tracks were carefully selected, edited, ripped off the radio on a Sunday afternoon, or copied from your vinyl music collection; selection criteria included poignant and meaningful lyrics with not-so-hidden messages, their favourite band, your favourite band, and always included a slightly quirky, off-the-wall choice to prove you were a hip, kinda interesting person, who above all, knew a bit about music. Despite nostalgia not being what it used to be, (and cassette now being an almost obsolete format,) the mixed tape philosophy lives on today, and it is in the spirit of this philosophy that I put together the playlists for my Happy Couples, one by one, piece by piece, individually crafted with love, just for you…


An Intimate Affair

I love getting into the mindset of each new couple I work with, and I really felt I sussed out Natalie and Felippe pretty well from the outset. Unusually, but rather nicely, I dealt exclusively with the groom over the music choices, and was able to suggest and select pieces I knew they would love based on the requests they had made. I obviously hit the nail square on the head, as they asked me to stay on and play for them and their dozen delightful and appreciative guests during their meal. Fortunately I had a premonition this might happen and had pre-prepared another hour of music for them. I love it when a plan comes together!  Continue reading

Top Ten Most Requested Songs of 2014

With my first wedding of the year under my belt, and this season about to go crazy, I thought I’d post my Top Ten Most Requested Songs of 2014…

Get Inspired – and don’t forget you can request any song, and I will arrange it for you, free of charge! How good is that?

1 A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
2 Happy – Pharrell Williams
3 Ave Maria – Schubert
4 Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra  Continue reading