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Samantha Bramley – Songs

Whether you love classical music, or prefer something more contemporary, I have just the music for you. To hear a larger selection of my repertoire please visit my soundcloud or reverbnation artist pages or scroll down for a few of my most requested pieces. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed of any new uploads.

Facebook video

Hop over to my facebook page to view a video of ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri in the style of The Piano Guys

Greatest Showman/Canon in D mash-up

This is true crossover! An all-time perennial wedding favourite combined with a modern day show-stopping love song that will knock your socks off. A shorter version would be perfect for your Processional Aisle Song. Remember guys, you heard it here first: This is all my own work…


Feeling Good – ‘cello cover

A real stonker to get the party going…

Real Love – Tom Odell ‘cello cover

Super as a Processional song for the Entrance of the Bride:


Beauty & the Beast – ‘cello quartet arr. Bramley

This romantic Disney classic is a really popular First Dance choice

How Long Will I Love You? – 4 ‘cello cover arr. Bramley

Another modern Aisle Song, very popular at the moment:


Somewhere Over The Rainbow – for 4 ‘cellos, arr. Bramley

One of my most requested songs of all time:


A Thousand Years – Christina Perri, From The Twilight Saga

An extremely popular processional (entrance or aisle song) of the past two years, and I predict it will continue to be this year…





Pachelbel Canon in D – 4 ‘cellos, arr Bramley

One for the Traditional Couple, a perennial favourite for the Entrance of the Bride

Bridal March (Here Comes The Bride) – 4 ‘cellos, arr Bramley

Still a huge favourite for church or chapel weddings


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