A Bespoke Musical Experience

Here at Wedding Music France I understand that whatever the occasion, every event is unique. To cater for this I offer a Bespoke Music Planning Service, truly personalising your musical experience to meet your exact requirements, whatever they might be.

As a published music arranger I can arrange any song or piece of music just for you, so you will never be limited to just classical music, standard ‘wedding repertoire,’ or existing printed sheet music. As a finishing touch I use professional backing tracks or custom made tracks which I record & produce myself.

A Guiding Hand

With so many decisions to make when planning your event, to start you on your musical journey I have taken my most requested options & created the following different levels of service for you to choose between. All can be individually tailored to your plans & adapted to your timings & budget. I am also happy to advise on musical choices or to suggest pieces or themes for your music.

Browse through the following options, choose the level of service you prefer, and then contact me for your personalised quote giving:

  • Day of the week
  • Date
  • Approximate ceremony or reception start time, as applicable
  • Venue name & address, including postal code
  • Anticipated duration of music required.



Your ceremony pieces plus 3 hours of music to divide between your pre-ceremony prelude, cocktail music & reception. Includes a bespoke playlist & up to 3 custom song arrangements.

For example:

Your welcome drinks (1 hour), ceremony & reception music (2 hours)

Great for: Your symbolic or lay ceremony & reception at the same venue, bringing an ambiance of elegant sophistication to your celebrations from the arrival of your guests until your sit down meal or wedding breakfast speeches.

See what is included here



Your prelude, ceremony & 90 minutes cocktail music, including a bespoke playlist & 2 custom song arrangements

Perfect for: Having the Entrance & Exit pieces you love while entertaining your guests before & after your ceremony, for example during your photographs or a champagne reception before your sit-down meal.

See what is included here



One hour of music from my existing repertoire to cover your ceremony & cocktail

Best for: Live Ceremony Music & a short drinks reception or welcome drinks then ceremony music. Also suits restricted budgets.

See what is included here



Your Ceremony music only – includes 3 custom song arrangements

Ideal for: Your church service or lay ceremony only. I can provide prelude music while your guests arrive, your chosen ceremony pieces, including the entrance of the bride, & recessional music while you & your guests exit.

See what is included here


If you do not require ceremony music or are hosting a celebration other than a wedding, then the following ‘Diamond’ or ‘Elegance’ options may be perfect for you.



Your wedding reception or cocktail music (from 90 minutes to 4 hours) including a bespoke playlist & one custom song arrangement

Ideal for:  Your cocktails, champagne reception, vin d’honneur, wedding breakfast, evening function, rehearsal dinner, welcome drinks or meal, farewell banquet, or engagement party, or equally suited to a birthday, anniversary, business launch, vernissage, garden party, charity event…

See what is included here



Your wedding reception or cocktail music (from 90 minutes to 4 hours) chosen from one of 5 themed playlists

Perfect for: Your business or charity function, evening reception or soirée, Elegance takes all the work out of choosing your event music! Choose the style or genre of music you prefer & let me do the rest…

See what is included here




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