Winter Wedding Wonderland – Your Guide to the Perfect Seasonal Music

Possibly one of the nicest things about a traditional winter wedding is that everyone (bah-ring the Humbugs of course) is already in some form of Festive Spirit. But given that Christmas seems to begin in October these days, just how do you create a suitably jolly mood without resorting to the over-exposed-cheese-fest that certain Christmas favourites have become? Whether you are going all-out with a winter-themed wedding, or just want a subtle nod to the time of year, here are six alternative ways to spice up your Day with some seasonal cheer… Continue reading


Popular Myths Surrounding Wedding Bands

Warning: Band Rant Imminent – those of a sensitive disposition should click away now…

I read somewhere recently that the problem with hiring bands for your wedding was that they only played for 45 minutes then they wanted to take a break. In addition they wanted to take their breaks all at the same time, and you should ask them to stagger their breaks to ensure that you got continuous music throughout your evening. It made me wince, it made me angry, it made me think. Then it inspired me to write this blog…  Continue reading